This Years art

Well today my art is my face about what I am not sure. I asked how does water come out of taps? We had to make a face by cutting up pieces of paper. I learnt that you can make eyes and nose by doing more than just a line.


Today I am going to tell you about my uncertainty poster.
A bit about is that I had to try sushi but I was so uncertain that I cried and I never want to try that again!
Once I was not ok about trying kid pix I did not want to try and go on it again but I did and then it was so much better.

My Animal Adaptation

This is about my animal adaptation

One step it took me was to make notes like what I was going to say on it. I wrote it first then I put in pictures. After I had to go onto voicethread and talk through my animal adaptation report.

I learnt to remember to make my subheading in bold and maybe underline it so people know that it’s not part of the other writing.

I enjoyed that I got it done because it took me a long time but I was really pleased with what I had done.

I would improve by hurrying up on my work because I was one of the last people. If I worry about my own work instead of always helping others but help them when I’ve finished my own work.