This Years art

Well today my art is my face about what I am not sure. I asked how does water come out of taps? We had to make a face by cutting up pieces of paper. I learnt that you can make eyes and nose by doing more than just a line.

2 thoughts on “This Years art

  1. Tara your a very clever artist. My favourite piece of artwork is the picture of you, Grandad and Maia. What are you doing in the picture? I also like the picture of the face that you made out of paper. That was very clever.

    Your crazy fish is very colourful. What is a crazy fish?

    Lana (mum)

    • Dear Mum

      About the crazy fish we were looking at sea creatures and so we blended all the stuff on the sea creatures and we made a crazy fish.

      Miss Garland, our art teacher didn’t tell us to put a backgroudn in it and I don’t know where we are. Maybe you could use your imagination and have an idea where we are.

      Thank you.

      From Tara

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